Care during Birth

It is of essential importance to me that each woman will experience childbirth in a self-determined and vibrant way. I would like to help you strengthen your trust in your own body so that you can experience the journey of your child’s birth in a caring and protectiveenvironment. As your ally, I will remind you that you have this elemental feminine power. To give birth to a child is such a gift, and I will accompany you on your very own and personal journey. During that time, I am there only for you and your needs.

First, there are two meetings planned during your pregnancy. These help us to get to know each other and create a trust relationship. I am happy to answer any questions you might have regarding pregnancy and childbirth. Should you wish to have additional meetings, then we will arrange them. At the time of your estimated due date, I will be on call for you, meaning that you can reach me at all times. As soon as you call because you feel that the birthing process has begun, and you want me with you, I will come. And I will stay for the entire time of you giving birth to your child. Once you and your baby are well taken care of after the birth and you do not need me any longer, I will then leave. During the postpartum period, I will visit you and your baby and we will talk about your birth experience as well as clarify issues which may not yet have been addressed. In addition, I offer support for anything you might need help with (e.g. household, breastfeeding advice, care of the baby, etc.) so that you can restore your strength and enjoy the time with your baby.


Services in Detail:

  • 2 meetings during pregnancy to discuss arising questions and exchange information about anything related to birth and postpartum. In addition we practice various relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as birthing positions, which are going to be used during the birth.
  • Starting 14 days prior to your due date, I am available for you day and night.
  • During birth, I assist you emotionally and physically using a Rebozo, birthing ball, gentle massages, etc., plus create as pleasant an environment as possible so that you can relax and fully devote yourself to the delivery. Further, I am also available to help your partner be part of the birth and offer him relief.
  • Upon request, I can also capture the birth on camera.
  • After delivery, I stay with you however long you need me. I will help with the first breastfeeding, support you emotionally, and help with anything you might require.
  • During the postpartum period, we meet at least twice to relieve you from household chores so that you can regain your strength and enjoy the time with your baby. Further, we talk about your birthing experience and discuss arising questions. I will also ask you for an evaluation of my performance.
  • Additional meetings during the postpartum period can be arranged at any time.